Andrey Bushchik presents
International Dance Festivals in Russia.
Since 2008

3 April 2021 «Moscow Dance Holidays»

12 June 2021 «Crimea Dance Holidays»

28 August 2021 «St.Petersburg Dance Holidays»

18-19 December 2021 «St.Petersburg Star» Dance Festival

Welcome to Pro-Am (rec. IDSCA), Am-Am (rec.EADO), PROFESSIONAL (rec.RDU) international dance event 3 April 2021 at Moscow! This new venue is exquisite and is one of the most luxurious in Moscow with state-of-the-art concert equipment (sound, light, full-screen LED screen, instant video and audio notification of participants in lounge areas) and a stunning oak dance floor. 
The international composition of participants and judges both with acknowledged achievements and recognition will make for a memorable and elegant festival atmosphere. Along with prize money for Scholarship Performances and for teachers, lessons with legendary coaches will be offered. A themed after party will conclude the event. 
We look forward to seeing you at MOSCOW DANCE HOLIDAYS next April 2021 and wishing you the very best!
Organizer and two-times European Champion, Andrey Bushchik (Russia)
Co-organizer Asya Tkacheva (Russia)

Our festivals in the city of Saint Petersburg and Moscow have been reporting their history since 2008 on the third weekend of December (Saint Petersburg Star) and the last weekend of August (Saint Petersburg Dance Holidays) and are important popular events in the sphere of ballroom dances in Europe and World. Usually, dance lovers and Professionals from more than 25 countries take part in our events. The World's Dance elite persons as: Gaynor Fairweather MBE, Ricardo Cocchi & Yulia Zagoruychenko, Bryan Watson, Hans Galke, Slavik Kriklivy, Karina Smirnoff, Arunas Bizokas & Katyusha Demidova, Andrew Sinkinson, Jonathan Wilkins, Sergey Surkov & Melia, Victor Da Silva & Hanna Karttunen, Jukka Haapelainen, Victor Fung & Anastasia Muravyeva, Neil Jones & Ekaterina Sokolova and many more have been attending our events for the best performances and expertise of competitors. In 2012, WDC has been granted the Title of the Official European Championship in all age groups Amateur League. In 2014 the official WDC Professional 10 Dance Championship have been granted to Andrey Bushchik as a head of organising commity in St.Petersburg. Since 2017, Intercontinental Granted Titles have been conducted by Eurasian Dance Organization, which uses competitive rules and regulations of WDC AL. Pro-Am competitions are recognized and strongly supported by International Association of Dance Schools and Clubs (IDSCA/MASKT). From the first week-end of April 2020 Pro-Am event Moscow Dance Holidays started it's history as well in Moscow and has been recognised by IDSCA/MASKT. 

And we proud to present the brand new Dance Festival in sunny Crimea Land at YALTA CITY, hotel YALTA INTOURIST on second week-end of June.

Organizer Andrey Bushchik IDSCA/MASKT Vice-President, European Champion and World Vice-Champion makes all the best to make the best attractive conditions for attendees. Art-director and co-organizer of the festivals — TV Host, beautiful Asya Tkacheva creates a unique atmosphere with her unsurpassed entertainers hosts quality. Welcome to Saint Petersburg and city of Moscow to experience the best!


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Moscow Dance Holidays 3 Апреля 2021
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Moscow Dance Holidays 3rd April 2021
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